Counseling Psychotherapy (Family & Individual)

A sentence is very known to us ‘’ if the present is good the past was better’’. I think you agree with me.

Let me explain.

Just think about your family today and compare it with 10-20 years back. We were much better in the past regarding mind peace. New problems are arising over time. But we cannot compensate for all of them by applying our own knowledge.

As a result, we are not happy as we were in the past. Of course, we want peace and live better. Sometimes we share our thoughts with one, whom we believe, and search for a better solution. But we hardly find a good result in this way.

How many of us know counseling psychotherapy is the proper way to get rid of this problem. Counseling and psychotherapy can be family-oriented or individual. It depends on you and your family members.

The counseling or psychotherapy session is arranged primarily based on your family’s condition. The result is always positive here and the success rate is very high only because you are getting help from professionals who are experts in this regard.

By the way, the guide is going to be important for the persons who have uncomfortable individual or family issues and want to solve them. Let’s move on.

What is Psychotherapy?

The term psychotherapy means treating people who are in mental distress or going through psychological disorders. It is the process where the professional helps you only using his psychological technique.

Yes, in this therapy the psychotherapist doesn’t give you medical treatment. He/she helps you through communication verbally.

You can go to a psychotherapist if you have a short-term or long history of any stress in your life. They will make sure you can overcome the issue and lead a very better life.

Psychotherapy is not for individuals only. It has some types and you should have to know all of them.

Types of Psychotherapy

Depending on your current situations psychotherapy can be different. Usually, the following types cover all the issues of an individual and the whole family.

Individual Therapy

Here you and the psychotherapist will attend the session. The professional hear your all issues and give you a better solution. Of course the professional will keep you all secrets that you won’t want to let them know anybody.

Couple Therapy

If you have any difficulties with your partner’s relationship then couple therapy is suitable for you. He/she will show you how both of you can smoothen your relationship.

What kind of problems do you have, misunderstanding, lack of communication, lack of interest, or any other? You can get the help of a psychotherapist for any issue excluding your physical illness.

Family Therapy

Do you have poor communication with your other family members? You should get family therapy when the issues are not limited to you. It’s not like that all of your family members must have to join the psychotherapy session if the therapist doesn’t tell.

Group Therapy

Group therapy can only be arranged when all members of a group have the same issue. In this type of session, you will know supportive behaviors, the way of making good communication, and other things that are important for you.

What Is Family Therapy?

All the types of psychotherapy are equally important when you have any of the issues related to the above-mentioned types.

But we think we have to discuss family therapy in detail because it is widely needed. And most importantly most of the time we cannot decide when we need it.

Of course, it is included in psychotherapy which improves the relationship between the family members. It emphasizes communication, solves the misunderstanding problems, and overall improves the psychological health of all family members at a time. The therapy is always taken with multiple family members.

When to Consult a Psychotherapist for Family Therapy?

It is important to decide in which situations we should get family therapy. Most of the time, we cannot understand this.

Obviously, if we are in touch with a psychotherapist it will be easy to understand what kind of therapy we should have to take. But if you have any of the following issues you should get this therapy.

  • Any relationship problem.
  • Stress and trauma.
  • Stress in working.
  • Any parenting issue.
  • Adult mental health.
  • Abuse and violence.
  • Adolescent behavior.
  • Childish behavior.
  • Lack of support.
  • Separation, divorce.
  • Alcohol and misuse of drugs.
  • Self-harm.
  • Worried about financial problems.

Types of Family Therapy

According to different psychotherapists, the subtypes may also differ from one another. But we tried to present the types in a structure that covers almost all.

Yes, we make a list of some effective family therapy types which are commonly practiced by renowned psychotherapists.


Psychoeducation is a broad thing that teaches people about mental health. It helps to tech support other members of the family in a crisis condition. Education also acts like a weapon keeping you away from stigmatization.

A psychotherapist gives you this therapy keeping in mind that you can improve in self-support, transfer information, treatment support, and good mental health.

Relationship Counseling

Making a good relationship with the other family members is not an as easy task as we think. Only because of a bad relationship any member of the family can even take a life-destroying decision.

But do we feel that always? Definitely, many people have a good relationship with the other but what do we think about who don’t have?

For example, financial problems, mental health issues, even sexual intimacy can be hampered only because of not having a good relationship.

It is an important part of family therapy that we really need to know how to make a good relationship with the other family members. A good psychotherapist can help you the best in this regard.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This therapy will change your thinking and behavior. You thought in the wrong way and that is why you always had an issue. But you couldn’t realize that. It is the therapy that tells you this truth.

At the same time, it also changes your behavior in a manner that should be. And overall you can minimize the problems practicing this therapy.

Communication Therapy

A good relationship will never build if there is poor communication. We live in a family under a society. The social cultures everywhere are not the same.

So, it can be different how you communicate with other people of a different society. We are sure you have noticed the communication skills of all people are not equal.

A lot of people have been living with poor communication. But a trained and good therapist can show you how to communicate with people in a good manner.

And what is the best way to communicate? That is why it is an important part of family therapy.

Systemic Family Therapy

When you think only about yourself, it might not be good for others always. If you live in a family, you have to think about your entire family. You have to share your thoughts with others and you also have to hear others’ opinions.

In a word, all you have to share your problems with each other which are more beneficial. Systemic family therapy educates about this lesion actually.

What Is Counseling?

Counseling is the process of searching for a good solution based on a specified issue meeting with a professional counselor. A professional counselor always hears the problems of their clients, makes them understand the cause of the issue, and finds out the best solution.

Counseling is not as broad as psychotherapy. That is why people frequently go to a counselor which is a very positive thing. But you have to ensure that you are getting consultation from a good counselor and in the proper way.

What Is the Process of An Ideal Counseling?

Of course, different counselors have different formats of counseling their clients but an ideal counselor definitely covers the points.

Face to Face: Every counselor has their own chamber where he/she counsel the clients. Though we can do many things virtually, face-to-face counseling is much more effective than online-based counseling. That’s why a good counselor always advises face-to-face counseling.

Comfortable for You: Your thinking and age might not match with your counselor. And your issue also might not be easy for you to say. You may have some secret and serious issues. Keeping all these things in mind, a good counselor always builds a warm relationship with the client as he/she can tell everything without any hesitation.

Goes in Deep: After hearing your problems primarily the counselor will encourage you to say everything in detail. Solving only the problem that you share is not the definitive solution. Rather, giving you the ultimate solution after searching the root of the issue is the best solution.

Sets a Goal: It does not always happen that you will get an easy solution every time. The counselor will set a goal for you after analyzing your problems. Either you can have a nice solution for the first attempt or you may need a bit more time.

Overcoming the Problem: The counselor directs you to go through a suitable way to get the best solution. After that, if you feel better and relaxed than before coming to the counselor that means you really get your result. At the same time, the professional also teaches you to stay away from the same issue in the future.

The Difference between Psychotherapy and Counseling

Are you clear about counseling and psychotherapy?

Not yet?

Well, let us help you.

There are some differences between counseling and psychotherapy. Hopefully, you will have a clear idea after discussing the differences.

First of all, counseling is attempted based on a specific issue that is very recent and ongoing. On the other hand, psychotherapist always deals with the issue which is going through the present situation but chronic or recurrent.

Secondly, as the counseling deals with the present particular issue, it is short term process. Usually, it doesn’t take more than 6 months. But psychotherapy is a long-term process that needs years of years.

Thirdly, the issue that can be solved by counseling cannot affect you deeply. That is why the counselor always focuses on re-correct your behavior.

On the other side, psychotherapy requires a long long time as here it is needed to change your feeling and experience.

Then, proper guidance, support, and talk therapy are only the needed things in counseling whereas psychotherapy needs some testing to understand the level of your mental illness.

What Happens in Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a fact of fear to many people. They only think about what is going to the first session.

However, for your peace of mind, we want to ensure you that family therapy is arranged to solve your problems, not to increase anyone’s fear. You can think, the session will be the best comfortable one for you.

Obviously, different psychotherapists have different methods but more or less everybody hears the problems of each family member in the first session. He also notices the position and influence of every person.

The therapist always makes an environment where every person can say any problems without any hesitation. He always welcomes you to talk but never charges you for anything.

Just think you’ve made some mistakes and tell the therapist, he will never blame you for that. He will find a way where you get the best solution. The goal of a therapist is to build a good relationship of understanding, sharing, and caring with each other as you all can solve any problem together in the future.

So, don’t worry about the therapy session rather be happily expecting a peaceful solution.

The Summary Line

All necessary information about counseling psychotherapy you know now. Just think, you, your relative, or your neighbors need counseling or psychotherapy.

What will you do? Do you just send them to any counseling or therapy center? Don’t do that. Good quality and experienced professionals can solve your problem quickly and in your preferred way which is very important. So, be careful before going.

Just one advice for you before closing. Don’t let you go from counseling to psychotherapy sessions. Don’t stay home if you feel any disturbance. Come first and get well soon.