Drug Rehab Center in Dhaka Bangladesh

Top 10 Drug Rehab Center in Dhaka Bangladesh

Who doesn’t want to save their loved ones from the deadly grasps of drugs? No matter at what stage of addiction the abuser is in, the way of treatment has serious implications on the total process.

To get to the root and destroy the addiction, you need a proven method. Besides, whatever action you may take should have existing credibility. One of the most common ways of treatment is opting for a well-reputed rehab center.

But then the question arises which one to go for. To get you a detailed view, we have carefully listed down the top drug rehab center in Bangladesh. So, without further adieu, let’s jump on exploring.

List Of Rehab Center in Bangladesh

We have listed the best 10 drug rehab centers in Bangladesh based on performance, environment, track record, credibility, and track record. Let’s go through the list to choose the most suitable one for your need.

1. Niramoy Hospital

NIRAMOY Hospital is a leading mental health and drug rehabilitation center (Licensed under Health & Narcotics Department of Bangladesh) and NIRAMOY can be categorized as one of the best Mental Health and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Dhaka Bangladesh.

The Hospital is specialized for those who are suffering from drug addiction, personality disorders, psychological disorders and other severe mental disorders. Over the past 10+years they are working in these demanding sectors.

Due to their timely and efficient treatments, many of their hard patients have successfully recovered from various mental health disorders and drug addiction. They work with full capacity of doctors, psychiatrists and neurologists.

For example, they hired the best Professors of National Institute of Mental Health & Hospital as their top most Counselors. They have dedicated psychotherapy counselling session for couples or family.

All their patients can enjoy residential room facilities with AC or non AC. Also they have a professional Rescue Team for those highly addicted and misbehaved patients and a working team of professional nurses and paramedics, always on duty 24/7.

NIRAMOY Hospital takes care of patients with on duty psychotherapists, nurses and caretakers, good hygienic food serving, indoor sports facility and engaging entertainment.

Their treatment programs are conducted by highly qualified health professionals. Few of their treatment programs include:

  • Detoxification
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychiatric evaluation and management.
  • Therapeutic massage.
  • Ambulatory services for diagnostic, specialized treatment, etc
  • 4 to 6 months residential rehabilitation treatment
  • Follow up program for two months, known as Safe House Program.

Location: 13/19, Block-B, Babor Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.

Web: niramoyhospital.org/

2. Golden Life BD

Golden Life BD is the Drug Addiction and Rehab Center established in the year 2004, located in Mirpur, Dhaka. They are licensed under both Department of Narcotics Control Bangladesh and Department of Social Services of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

They work with treating psychological sick patients and addicts, providing best patients residential accommodation, balanced diet food, modern counseling and therapy sessions for in-house patients.

They provide treatment by NA. Narcotics Anonymous Program. Also they have experts of psychiatrist, psychologist and psychotherapist.

The rehabilitation center Golden Life BD currently is one of the best Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Mirpur region of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Location: House 33, Block-F, Kolowala Para, Mirpur- 1, Dhaka-1216, (Opposite of Sony Cinema Hall)

Web: goldenlifebd.com

3. Beacon Point Ltd

Beacon Point Ltd – a concern of Beacon Group of Companies, started as a drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation center, since May 2013.  Beacon Point Limited is the first top-rated internationally acclaimed and ISO Certified premium Drug Addiction Treatment facility in Bangladesh.

They have consultancy support from the international expert addiction treatment consultant and addiction counseling trainer of The Netherlands & UK respectively.

They have an internationally trained professional team of psychiatrists, addiction counselors, and experienced medical personnel to provide international standard treatment and counseling related to all kinds of alcohol, drug addiction, process addiction, and drug-induced mental disorders.

Location: House # 4, Road # 23/A, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Web: beaconpointbd.com

4. PheraBD

PHERA addiction management and rehabilitation center is a premiere drug treatment facility center which established and working on drug abuse issues since 2003 at Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

PHERA is the renowned private rehabilitation center in the country responsible for mobilizing all public and private organizations to collaborate and work together in the battle against drugs.

On the other hand, PHERA assists government ministries, public and private institutions in the operation of treatment centers for victims of drug abuse.

At PHERA Residential Treatment Center, they have a track record of making a real-life difference for resident patients and their loved ones. Their leading medical specialists treat eating disorders, alcohol abuse, and drug addiction, and other co-occurring disorders.

PHERA’s “Integrated Cognitive- Behavior Treatment (ICBT) Model” utilizes a variety of clinical interventions designed to produce positive outcomes. Counselors are expected to have experience and expertise in each of these modalities.

Location: House 46, Road 03, Sector 10 Uttara Model Town, Dhaka 1230.
Web: pherabd.com

5. Amar Home Drug Addiction Treatment Center

AMAR Home is a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Bangladesh. Internationally certified staff work full-time at AMAR Home and have a wealth of treatment expertise in a wide range of drug addictions and associated behavioral problems.

Through AMAR Home, patients get one of the nation’s best comprehensive treatment programs, right in Uttara region of Dhaka. The Center serves the purpose of drug abuse rehabilitation besides mental health support.

AMAR home have expert therapists educated from some of the best foreign institutions in the world and have had experience in giving treatment of patients suffering from different forms of drug abuse.

Their specialist care givers are dedicated, passionate and disciplined. The idea of their rehab center that employs well-known doctors is a good initiative but having a friendly environment with high-quality facilities is a next-level luxury that every victim of drug abuse deserves.

Comprehensive treatment programs carried out by highly qualified and internationally acclaimed medical professionals.

Location: Road 02, Sector 09 Uttara, Dhaka.
Web: amarhome.com.bd

6. Omega Point Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Omega Point is a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Bangladesh working since 2007 with pride and glory. They provide a range of professional services for those who suffer from drug or alcohol abuse.

Their services are highly individualized to each client within a structured but compassionate environment. Their internationally certified staff work full-time at Omega Point and have a wealth of expertise in a wide range of drug addictions treatment and associated behavioral problems.

They provide both out-patient consulting and out-patient facilities. Their in-patient facilities include a luxurious residential treatment environment dedicated to meeting clients’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Not only focusing on in-house treatment, they also place a lot of value on the importance of aftercare.

Through Omega Point, drug abusers get one of the nation’s best comprehensive treatment programs, right in the heart of Dhaka, Mirpur 1.

Location: House 4, Block G, Road 2, Commercial Plot, Mirpur-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Web: omegapointbd.org

7. Mukti Drug Helpline

MUKTI Drug addiction treatment center in Bangladesh was officially opened on February 27, 1988. A then young Medical Graduate Dr. Ali Asker Quoreshi founded it.

“Mukti” offers a comprehensive Drug-Detox treatment facilities with a course of Relapse prevention techniques. It also takes care of mentally ill Patients by in-house facilities.

A total number of 110 Medical and other staffs are giving service round the clock to keep this 100 Bed Center proper functioning Day & Night under the overall supervision of Chief Counselor & Managing Director Dr. Ali Asker Quoreshi MBBS (DMC), PGT (USA), MSc. in Addiction (Longon), Addiction Specialist.

“Mukti” being aided and guided by full time Advisor Prof. Dr. Md. Abdus Sobhan MBBS DPM, FPS: Fellow WHO: Prof. and Ex-Chairman Department of Psychiatry, BSMMU and Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

More than 90,000 Drug addict victims received Detoxification treatment after admission during last 25 years of their operation while many more thousands and thousands of people received outdoor treatment and other rehab services.

They provide mass awareness and prevention campaigns and 24 hours Drug Helpline Services. Mukti is very proud to establish Dope Testing Laboratory: “TOXILAB” with computerized Solaris Drug analyzer of USA for the first time in the country since 1993.

Location: 237/2 New Elephant Road, Dhaka 1205.
Web: muktidrughelpline.com

8. Promises Bangladesh

To bring a new dawn to the life of addicts, there needs to be great support from the rehab center and the society as well. Promises Bangladesh works with their heart and soul to make it happen and bring them back to normal life.

Not only the substance abuse treatment, but Promises Bangladesh also provides all sorts of mental disorder treatment, including depression related to drug intake. Going to the root cause, Promises Bangladesh tries to carry out a substantial change in every individual’s life.

Their methods are well tested and well-vetted against the current upsurge of the drug abuse crisis in Bangladesh.

9. Brain and Life Hospital

The list of top 10 rehab centers in Bangladesh would have been incomplete without naming the Brain and Life Hospital. It’s one of the prominent rehabilitation centers that runs and thrives by incorporating a rigorous rehabilitation process.

Those who consider money as a core obstacle in the rehabilitation process can choose this service for a good value on investment. The professional medical, counseling, and support team will further impress you through their works and effective outcome.

Besides, it additionally enhances the effectiveness through behavioral improvement that helps the individual get to normal life with real ease.

10. Ahsania Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

Established in 2004 in the district of Gazipur, Ahsania Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre aims to provide clients with individualized quality treatment services. The center established a comprehensive, holistic approach not only to assist clients in becoming drug free but to provide life skills, vocational training and psychosocial support through counseling.

The treatment emphasizes not only on social rehabilitation but also economical rehabilitation and has recently created a Vocational Training Centre on-site to capacitate clients in a wide range of job skills such as electronics, garments and refrigeration.

An integrated method of therapeutic community and the 12- steps of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is implemented. Clients who are admitted will first undergo 14 days of detoxification then start long-term treatment (approximately 6 months) which after completion are provided with follow-up after care.

Family support groups and community groups are also organized and family counseling provided to help in mending broken relationships and sensitizing family members on drug abuse.

Location: House No-152, Block-A, PC Culture Housing Society, Shyamoli, Dhaka
web: amdtc.org.bd

Final Words

When it comes to the rehabilitation of a substance abuser, we often miss out on some key points to consider. Its mainly the rehabilitation process, environment, team, and reputation.

To ensure you only get to the best drug rehab center in Bangladesh, we formulated the above-mentioned list best to our knowledge and expertise.