Top Drug Rehab Center in Bangladesh

Who doesn’t want to save their loved ones from the deadly grasps of drugs? No matter at what stage of addiction the abuser is in, the way of treatment has serious implications on the total process.

To get to the root and destroy the addiction, you need a proven method. Besides, whatever action you may take should have existing credibility. One of the most common ways of treatment is opting for a well-reputed rehab center.

But then the question arises which one to go for. To get you a detailed view, we have carefully listed down the top drug rehab center in Bangladesh. So, without further adieu, let’s jump on exploring.

10 Top Drug Rehab Centers in Bangladesh

We have listed the best 10 drug rehab centers in Bangladesh based on performance, environment, track record, credibility, and track record. Let’s go through the list to choose the most suitable one for your need.

1. GoldenLifeBD

The first thing the family member stays concerned about is the drug rehab center’s treatment process and its environment. If this stays at the top of your checklist, then GoldenLifeBD would be among the rightful solutions.

For almost 18 years, the company successfully served a vast range of patients with drug and psychological problems. Besides, it’s an enlisted rehab center listed in the Department of Narcotics Control and the Department of Social Services.

Due to its solid and persistent track record, it got a well-recognized medical success. Core to its success is the commitment to its established detoxification and rehabilitation model.

Here they emphasize cutting the root tie with the drug or addiction need and then slowly bringing the patient to the normal level. Located in Mirpur-1, it could be the top selection for your rehabilitation needs.

2. Beaconpoint

If you are looking for a world-class rehabilitation with luxurious hotel-like rooms and services, then Beaconpoint has your back.

It’s an ISO-certified rehabilitation center that ensures top-quality rehabilitation in drug addiction support.

To maintain the international standards, they have trained up their addiction counselors, psychiatrists, and experienced medical personnel according to international standards. So, any confusion regarding their credibility? You can say goodbye to them.

They have a pretty well-orchestrated plan which includes detoxification to return to normal life. The complete process could take up to 4-6 months; along with that, they offer 2 months follow-up service to strengthen the patient’s grip on regular life.

3. Niramoy

At the heart of effective rehabilitation treatment, there lies a proper understanding of the problem in the first place.

If you wonder if any rehab centers are mastering the art of effective treatment, then the name Niramoy would easily surface up.

The well-organized and expert team gives you full support in rehabilitating your loved person with care. Even if the patient is mentally disordered or shows aggressive behavior, Niramoy has a professional catching team that settles your hassle of taking them to the rehab center.

Another prominent reason for Niramoy to be one of the best rehab centers in Bangladesh is its rehab module and neat environment.

Rehabilitate patients through several processes, including individual counseling, teamwork, medical consultation, awareness seminars, and religious and moral therapy.

Besides, their neat environment, healthy food, and recreational facilities further make it a lot easier for a patient to get back to normal life.

4. AMC

Located in Uttara, AMC has created good fame for itself in its over 10 years of operation. AMC runs full-fledged operations with a wonderfully coordinated medical, therapy, and counseling team.

The treatment process is mainly divided into 3 segments: detoxification, core program, and follow-up program. In the months-long process, a patient goes through each of the phases to completely get him/herself out of the grasp of the drug addiction.

In addition to that, the environment in the AMC is very neat and well organized, which further helps the patient in the recovery process. Although not in service for many years, they have got a good reputation thanks to AMC’s dedication and teamwork.

5. Omega Point

With the country’s top physicians and psychologists, Omega point has got itself a distinctive name in the premium rehabilitation segment.

Omega point has developed its own catching, screening, rehabilitation, and follow-up system, which seems quite impressive when it comes to checking the results. Along with that, they have appointed professionals from the country’s top organizations to validate their claim of providing the best treatment.

Omega point could be your great pick from team to individual support if you are considering a top-class rehabilitation facility in Dhaka.

6. Amar Home

It’s a distinctive rehabilitation center that ensures a great output, including how to proceed to a sustainable life after the rehabilitation. Amar Home’s multidisciplinary approach gives the patient a heads-up start compared to many rehab centers in Bangladesh.

The core focus of Amar Home always stays not only on the rehabilitation process but also on how individuals can have a productive footprint on society.

A very interesting fact about Amar Home is its enhancing family bonding counseling which effectively keeps the individuals on track even after release.

Besides, its dedicated teams consisting of internationally acclaimed professionals make the process result-oriented all the way.

7. Mukti Drug Helpline

The first drug rehabilitation center in Bangladesh started its journey in 1988, and since then, it’s been serving society with its astounding performance. Be it cocaine, alcohol, heroin, gambling, and any other type of substance abuse, Mukti has got your back.

Although Mukti offers mental illness and substance abuse services, its reputation mainly had built upon its rehabilitation treatment. The core service module they offer is drug detoxification and regular follow-up service. Their other services revolve around these 2 major services.

Upon implementing fruitful results for over 33 years, their services need no further questions of proving their effectiveness.

8. Promises Bangladesh

To bring a new dawn to the life of addicts, there needs to be great support from the rehab center and the society as well. Promises Bangladesh works with their heart and soul to make it happen and bring them back to normal life.

Not only the substance abuse treatment, but Promises Bangladesh also provides all sorts of mental disorder treatment, including depression related to drug intake. Going to the root cause, Promises Bangladesh tries to carry out a substantial change in every individual’s life.

Their methods are well tested and well-vetted against the current upsurge of the drug abuse crisis in Bangladesh.

9. Brain and Life Hospital

The list of top 10 rehab centers in Bangladesh would have been incomplete without naming the Brain and Life Hospital. It’s one of the prominent rehabilitation centers that runs and thrives by incorporating a rigorous rehabilitation process.

Those who consider money as a core obstacle in the rehabilitation process can choose this service for a good value on investment. The professional medical, counseling, and support team will further impress you through their works and effective outcome.

Besides, it additionally enhances the effectiveness through behavioral improvement that helps the individual get to normal life with real ease.

Final Words

When it comes to the rehabilitation of a substance abuser, we often miss out on some key points to consider. Its mainly the rehabilitation process, environment, team, and reputation.

To ensure you only get to the top drug rehab center in Bangladesh, we formulated the above-mentioned list best to our knowledge and expertise.