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Best Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center in Bangladesh

Drug addiction is a sensitive disorder that must be dealt with proper love, care, and treatment. If a close person of yours is addicted to drugs or is mentally ill, it’s impossible to recover their mental health under a closed environment.

In that case, a rehab center is a suitable place where a person can improve himself through professional care and treatment and go back to their normal life. Now, as a guardian, you may concern about which drug rehab and alcohol treatment center is best and why you should send your close one there?

Niramoy is the trusted drug rehab and alcohol treatment center in Dhaka, and they offer multiple facilities and services to their patient. It’s associated with expert doctors who treat patients with the right treatment and proper care.

Why is Niramoy the Best Rehab Treatment Center in Dhaka?

Niramoy is the best and most up-to-date rehab center in Dhaka, and it has two sections of treatment: mental health and drug dependence.

This treatment center is well-organized and built with professional psychologists, psychiatrists, trained medical doctors and nurses, experienced counselors, and staff to make sure proper treatment.

Before we begin our treatment, we try to gather as much data as possible about the patient’s illness. For example, what kind of drugs (Yaba, Marijuana, Alcohol, Sleeping pills, etc.) they’re using, what are the mental and physical side effects they’re facing from taking these drugs, and more.

We try to understand why they were addicted to drugs in the first place so that we can work on the cause and stop them from going back to being drug-addicted after getting treatments.

A patient must be willing to discuss these topics with the doctors. This way, we can examine the condition of the drug and come up with the right treatment that the patient needs. In short, the treatment can vary depending on the patient’s drug condition.

Then we explain our rules and regulation to them since obeying the rules and regulation is compulsory. However, the rules and regulations of Niramoy Hospital are very simple and easy so that each patient can follow them and start getting treatment to get a new fresh life.

After knowing the patient properly, we start our treatment procedure. Besides our treatment in the Niramoy, the guardian and family members of the patient also need to understand why the person has become addicted to drugs.

Then they need to open up and communicate with the patient about his problem. This way, the patient gets more strength and determination to recover from their negative state.

When we discharge the patients, we offer them care service, which is basically a follow-up service. In this way, we’ll be able to make sure that whether they’re in good condition now or need further help from professionals to overcome their addiction.

How Does Niramoy Rehab Center Help Their Patient?

Niramoy rehab center is associated with a pragmatic approach, modern scientific, and best nursing service for the patient. We provide short and long-term treatment for mental health to free them from mental illness and drug addiction. Niramoy Hospital helps you through:

  • Detoxification Service
  • Positive Motivation and Awareness Program
  • Moral and Religious Therapy
  • Family Counseling and Relationship Development

What Are the Facilities Niramoy Rehab Center Provide to Their Patients?

Niramoy provides various facilities to their patients to ensure a comfortable treatment. Here are some of the facilities that we provide:

Clean Environment

Niramoy rehab center maintains a hygienic, clean, and comfortable environment to develop patients’ mental health. Our hospital is completely accommodated with entertaining and necessary living elements.

The inside of the hospital is fully different and well-maintained from the outer environment, and smoking is strictly forbidden.

Proper Treatment

We’re ensuring proper treatment and mental health for drug addicts and helping their families through our medical activities. We believe that our services are contributing to the development of Bangladesh as a drug-free and peaceful place.

●  Treatment Duration

The treatment duration is different depending on the patient’s condition. For drug addict patients, we provide a minimum of 2/3 month treatment, and for mentally ill patients, the duration of the treatment can be longer.

Expert Doctors

Our doctors or physicians aren’t only experts in providing treatment for mental health, but they’re also prepared to treat patients if they’re in co-morbid conditions, such as diabetics, cardiac and orthopedic emergency, hypertension, or skin dental.


Niramoy provides nutritious and hygienic food maintaining good calories five times to patients daily. It also provides a special diet plan to the patient with diabetes or hypertension, which is made by an expert dietitian.

●  Special Catching Team

Niramoy has a specially trained catching team unit. Sometimes a mental disorder or drug-addicted patient becomes violent and non-co-operative.

It may happen due to staying in one place for a long time, staying away from loved ones, or not being able to take drugs when their demand for drugs has reached its final stage.

In this situation, our special catching team reaches them immediately and manages to calm down the patient and take them back to the treatment.

Niramoy Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Services

Niramoy Hospital offers the following services or treatments to their patients:

  • Counseling and Motivation
  • Clean and Hygienic Environment
  • Professional Doctors, Special Catching Unit, and Well-Trained Teamwork
  • Organized Accommodation
  • Nutritious and Hygienic Food
  • Other Diseases Consultation
  • Drug Detoxification
  • Positive Motivation and Awareness Program
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Individual and Team Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Family Build-Up Counseling
  • Relationship Development Counseling
  • Educational Classes by Renowned Experts
  • Addiction and Sober Living Clas
  • Moral and Religious Therapy
  • Games and Recreation
  • Relapse Prevention Planning
  • After Care
  • Screening Test
  • Internal Issue Solving
  • Drug Testing Service
  • Family meet once a month

Why Choose Niramoy Hospital Instead of Skilled Nursing Facilities?

If your friend or one of your family member need improvement in mental health or need treatment for drug addiction disorder, you should look for a rehab hospital, and Niramoy is the best rehab hospital in Dhaka city.

Before discussing why you should choose Niramoy rehab center over skilled nursing facilities, you need to first understand their working purpose and which patients are suitable for each service.

The common misconception about these two is that they’re interchangeable and provide similar services. But in reality, a rehab center and skilled nursing facilities offer different purposes and treatment for patients.

● Skilled Nursing Facilities

A skilled nursing facility can also be referred to as a nursing home, old people’s home, rest home, or convalescent care. It’s basically a treatment center that provides medical care for elderly or disabled people.

The primary purpose of the skilled nursing home is to help the patient in living comfortably in a care center instead of helping to return home. In this care center, doctors often see the patient so that they can constantly monitor the progress of the patient’s overall health.

● Therapy

Skilled nursing facilities provide some infrequent motor therapy. However, the main focus of a skilled nursing facility isn’t rehabilitation and therapy. Patients at a nursing home may receive therapy once a week since their main purpose of care is to provide regular medical treatment if needed.

Patients who enter skilled nursing facilities intend to receive medical treatment for disease or disorders and stay there comfortably rather than going back home after recovering from some injuries or events.

● Rehabilitation Hospitals

Rehab centers or rehabilitation hospitals are short-term care centers that help patients to recover from mental illness, injuries, drug addiction, or similar events and retrieve energy to return home.

● Therapy

Rehabilitation hospitals offer intensive therapies to their patients, and the rate of therapy occurring is higher than the skilled nursing facilities. It happens due to their different working purpose and facility goals.

In addition to scheduled treatment and nursing care, patients will receive essential therapy at the rehab center more than once a week. Besides, all the patients are monitored by the specialist daily to keep track of their health condition.

So as you can see, a rehabilitation center is suitable for people who need care for mental health in order to return home and start a new life.

On the other hand, a skilled nursing facility is suitable for old and disabled people who look for a place to live comfortably with proper medical care.

That’s why you should choose Niramoy rehab center for your friend or family who need care and support to get rid of drug addiction and recover from mental illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where is the location of the Niramoy rehab hospital?

The address of the Niramoy rehab hospital is 13/19 Babor Road, Block-B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka- 1207.

2.How to contact the Niramoy hospital?

You can contact Niramoy hospital through the below number and email.

Contact Number —


+88 01758338888

+88 01758883355

E-mail — [email protected]

3.What is the duration of treatment for drug addicts?

Niramoy hospital provides treatment and cares for drug addicts for a minimum of two months.

Final Thoughts

When a person needs to overcome his drug addiction or mental illness, he must need proper treatments in a rehab center. If any guardian is worried about which rehab center is best and why then they can trust the Niramoy Hospital- the best drug rehab and alcohol Treatment center.

Niramoy Hospital is a well-known and leading rehabilitation hospital in Dhaka for people who suffer from drug addiction and mental illness. We’re proud to say that we always succeed in bringing back a drug addict to normal life.

Niramoy Hospital is available to provide their service 24/7, and please visit our hospital or get in touch with us to know more about our service.