Our story

About us

Our enviroment

Our environment is quite clean, hygienic and comfortable .It is fully accommodated with essential living and entertaining equipment. Even It is fully restricted from outer environment and smoking is strictly prohibited.

Our target

We are assurance of proper treatment for drug addicts and mental health and support their families through our treatment programme and make our Bangladesh free of addiction and peaceful place.

Duration of treatment

Duration of treatment varies according to the patient condition. For example, a drug addicted patient needs minimum two month treatment but a mentally ill patient needs more time.

Our Team

NIRAMOY hospital is a specialized centre for drug treatment and mental health. It is well organized with professional Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, trained Medical Officer’s and Nurses, counselors and staffs to ensure proper psychological treatment and strengthen mental health Physician are also available when patient is in co-morbid condition such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardiac orthopedic emergency, skin dental and others problem.

Our Food

We provide meals to our patients five times in a day and foods are hygienic and nutritious. It maintain adequate calories requirement of a patient. Special diet is given to a patient with hypertension or diabetes as suggested by doctors or dietitian.

Our Special scott team 

Niramoy has a trained and experienced catching team unit. From the professional view we are well aware that sometimes drug addicted and critical mental disorder patients become extremely aggressive, violent and non co-operative . At that crisis moment if necessary our skilled catching team can reach the spot with in short time to manage the patient to calm down and take him/her to hospital for better treatment.

Let’s work together

Recovering from drug addiction is much easier when you have people you can lean on for encouragement, comfort, and guidance.

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